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9 things that will make you a financial success in Germany

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In Cooperation with Expatrio

The Education about money, allows the creation of money. This seminar gives you 9 things to start with if you want to be a financial success in Germany. In 90 Minutes we cover wide ground, ranging from how to structure your finances, over how to use the state as a wealth-booster to how to start “building” that home you always plan in your head.

It is designed for people from abroad who want to succeed and love leaving nothing to chance.



·        Learn how to start building your future financial success

·        Take part in the group workshop to discover which topics are particularly urgent for you

·        Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of professional financial planning


At the End of the Webinar you will:

·        Realise how many opportunities you have

·        Be able to position and evaluate the importance of different topics

·        Be aware of the timeliness of curtain topics.


Webinar held by:

Alejandro Wagner, Senior Financial Consultant

Dimitar Drenkarov, Financial Consultant

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Dimitar Drenkarov

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Alejandro Wagner Nitz

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