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Need a reliable, fluent in English, Mortgage Broker with access to the Best product range and lowest interest rates for International clients purchasing an apartment in Germany?

I am a mortgage broker and financial advisor based in Berlin. An expert in the provision of mortgages since more than 25 years for German clients and specializing for International clients.
With my expertise, I will find you the best mortgage solution.
I will provide you with a straight forward step-by-step approach, so you know what is possible, how much this will cost and when the funds will be available, in the shortest time possible. Let´s get started today and bring that thought of purchasing a property to a reality.
Please use my network of experienced consultants in the cities of Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Hamburg. 
Just send me a quick email
Just want to check the current interest rates. Have a look at our mortgage calculator.

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